Funerals – Celebration of Life

Funerals – Celebration of Life

Funerals – Celebrations of life pay tribute to the deceased’s life instead of mourning their death. Why?

It may be the only thing that’s inevitable in life. But death is changing. Now it’s a time to be joyful.

Instead of looking ahead to the afterlife, British funerals increasingly rejoice in memories of the deceased’s triumphs, relationships and their favourite songs. There’s a phrase for ceremonies like this – “Celebration of life”.

The tone is happy rather than mournful, celebratory instead of sombre. Today you’re more likely to hear Monty Python’s Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

A survey of 2,000 people by ICM suggested that 54% wanted their funeral to be a “celebration of life”. Some 48% said they wanted it to incorporate their favourite “hobby, colour, football team or music”. Crematoriums – where nearly three-quarters of British funerals now end – are virtually always equipped with audio visual systems that allow video clips to be played.

There are thousands of web pages devoted to planning a “celebration of life service” tailored with memories and mementos of the deceased are taking centre stage, and the funeral industry has not been slow to keep pace with demand.

Despite being the great leveller, death is increasingly seen as an occasion to express one’s individuality through a celebration of lifeĀ 

Civil Celebrant led servicesĀ  now account for over half of all FuneralsĀ