Whether you are looking for the simplicity of a conventional funeral service, or a bespoke ceremony to honour the passing of a loved one.

In these difficult times families are having to consider new ways in which to honour their loved ones following their death.

The coronavirus crisis is placing a strain on  funeral services.  The most obvious change has been the drastic reduction in numbers of people attending services as more people are self-isolating.

During funeral services, families are now being asked to respect social distancing and keep two metres from each other. Of course that is incredibly hard as people naturally want to support each other and share hugs and handshakes.

Attendees are now being asked not to touch the coffin in case of cross contamination from one mourner to another, Also it means that the family can no longer carry the coffin.

Direct Cremation without any family attending may even become compulsory. Some families are already choosing this option as their loved one has specifically requested a ‘no fuss’ farewell – but I suspect that this will become a necessity for many in the coming months.

But what does that mean for families?  “What happens when we can’t have a funeral?”

It goes without saying that losing a loved one is heart-wrenching, and we seek solace in the traditions we have been raised with.  A funeral is an expected ritual which helps us to move on – but the ever-changing events we find ourselves facing mean we are having to consider alternative ways in which to offer a meaningful goodbye.

So how can a celebrant help in these difficult times ?

I am now able to offer remote virtual funerals and memorials to families that can be recorded or streamed online.  This allows anyone with internet access to join the service from anywhere across the world, ensuring they are able to honour their loved one and express their loss.

I can offer remote virtual funerals and memorials at any venue, Crematorium or at the Funeral Parlour or Home ahead of the funeral.This allows the service to take place without mourners  being physically present. A virtual ceremony can be exactly the same as a standard service.

How do virtual and remote ceremonies work…

Initially I interview families (by phone or via an online streaming service) to find out all the personal details that made your loved one so unique, helping us to celebrate their life and achievements together.  If they wish to, family and friends will be invited to prepare a Eulogy that recognises the ways in which they influenced your world – a true mark of respect.

Music and readings can still play an intimate part in the ceremony. A funeral service can still be personal and encompass anything the family  feels is relevant. It will be meaningful, memorable and reflective of the person as they lived.

The remote virtual funerals and memorials can be recorded or streamed online from any venue.  This allows anyone with internet access to join the service from anywhere across the world.

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