The job of a celebrant is always challenging emotionally.  Conducting a service  under these Coronavirus restrictions is so much harder. The family needs to have a funeral as part of the grieving process and to be able to share grief with other people. Not being able to do that is heartbreaking.

As a professional celebrant  it’s about  delivering a celebration of life under really difficult circumstances because people aren’t enjoying these restrictions – But we have no choice.

 We have to stick to the rules or risk  funerals being banned, as has happened in some other parts of the world..

To not have a funeral is unthinkable  and i cant t even begin to imagine how awful that would be for a family not  be able to say a proper goodbye.

But if people flout the rules, it will push it to the next level of non-attended funerals which I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that would be.

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