In recent days, it has become clear that the coronavirus pandemic is not only a public health crisis but it will impact Funeral Services and families in many ways.

The Coronavirus Bill is going to change funeral practices to deal with the current situation.

Crematoriums and burial sites are having to adapt and funeral directors are having to react to the ever-changing situation.

 I’m writing to let you know that I have set in motion some practical ways to help navigate the challenging weeks and months ahead. We all need to be flexible.  

 I  am now starting to work with families taking briefs remotely and offering online ceremonies and memorial services if needed. Depending on the Crematorium or burial site I can even webcast from the venue  to the remote family and congregation

I’m hearing of some crematoriums in the UK  moving to 15 min slots! A cremation this week in told had to happen in the carpark 

 We will see a spike in memorial ceremonies once the crisis is over.  I am now accepting provisional bookings whilst leaving open the date of the memorial service.

We all need to be flexible in these difficult times 


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