Why use a Celebrant

 Bespoke ceremonies that mark meaningful milestones in your life. 

Together we will create a beautiful ceremony.

Trevor Snaith

Why use a Celebrant

A Celebrant provides bespoke ceremonies for occasions that mark meaningful milestones in your life.  Ceremonies are created that are truly personalised and reflect the beliefs, philosophy of life. These ceremonies may include and be as varied as weddings, civil partnerships, anniversaries, vow renewals, baby naming’s, adoptions, and blended family unions or moving into a new home.  Celebrants can also mark the end of chapters in your life with ceremonies for divorce, surviving illness, graduation and funerals.

Unique ceremonies

Everyone is unique, individual and different.  Each person has walked their own path and has many colourful strands in their life. By using a Celebrant, you will have a personalised experience to celebrate your event or say farewell.

Religious or Contemporary lets deliver ceremony tailored to your wishes

Many people are unaware that you do not have to have a religious ceremony to say goodbye to their loved ones, to make a public commitment or to introduce a child to the world. If a member of the clergy or other religious leader is your chosen path for your ceremony, then that’s great – there will always be one to conduct your ceremony. But what if you want to observe some religion, whilst tailoring the rest of the service to your wishes? What if you are not religious at all or you want to blend two different religions into a ceremony? Then the services of an Independent Celebrant may be just right for you.

Emphasis on you

With an Independent Celebrant, the emphasis is on you and your requirements. My job is to design and create the best service for the occasion. Your Celebrant will work with you to arrange each step of your ceremony and guide your journey to blend your beliefs, rituals and your customs with your favourite music, meaningful poems and personal tributes. Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, non-denominational, part of an interfaith or multicultural couple, or if you simply wish to express yourself in a manner of your own choosing, a professional Celebrant can help you create a ceremony that respects all that is meaningful to you.

 Lasting memories

If it is a funeral, you will want to know that you said goodbye in a way that they would have appreciated, and in a way that reflected their character and personality. You will want to feel that everybody felt that the service represented who they knew and felt that it was a fitting way to say goodbye.  A Celebrant will also help you to design those joyous occasions that will bring an instant smile to your face. Weddings and Civil Partnerships and LGBTG+ events or celebrations can take place anytime and anywhere once the legalities have been completed.  Along with Baby Namings, these can be planned to include the smallest details.



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