Naming & Blessing Ceremonies

Sharing the joy with family and friends

Arrival of a Baby

The arrival of a baby in a family is one of the most joyful occasions that people can remember. There is all the hope of a new life with the promise that stretches out before it. For new parents there is the wonder of what they have created, and the awesome responsibility of bringing that child up.  The same sorts of feelings surround those who adopt a child as well.

Welcoming a new child through a Naming Ceremony is one way of formally marking this new life and sharing your joy with family and friends. It is a warm, joyful and personal ceremony, very often held at your home.  I work with you to decide on the elements of the ceremony you want and how you want it done.

Common elements that make up a Naming Ceremony include: a welcome, information about the child and their arrival, promises by the parents to the child, readings or poems, words from other family members, an explanation of the name chosen for the child, the value and choice of adult supporters for the child and the naming itself. It can include your special music or songs for your child.

All in all, it can be a wonderful way to mark the new arrival in your family. I work with families of all kinds to create a ceremony that matches your circumstances and your style.

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